Grapevine magazine

Notes from the Grapevine Editor, Jane Duff

We welcome handwritten or typed articles and adverts. However, if at all possible,

please send by email, formatted to fit an A5 magazine - it will certainly help to reduce

the number of our mistakes! The font we use is Gill Sans MT at 10 point.

If submitting electronically please use Word or Publisher, not PDFs as they are

incompatible with Microsoft Publisher which we use for the Grapevine.

Photographs should be JPGs or PNGs, again not PDFs.

The cost of a Small Advertisement is 22p per word. Please make cheques payable to

‘FREELAND GRAPEVINE’. Contact Jane Duff about costs for other adverts.

1/3rd page size is 60mm high x 127mm wide, 1/2 page size is 90mm high x 127mm wide



Or phone: 01993 880623

Note Please put your name and telephone number on any submission in case we need

to contact you. These will only be printed if requested by you.

The editor reserves the right to edit all copy.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, liability cannot be

accepted for any errors or omissions in compiling this magazine.

Neither the Church, the Editor nor the Printer assume responsibility for any effects

arising therefrom

The presence of an advertisement in the Grapevine does not constitute a recommendation

by the editors regarding the goods or services advertised.

We are not able to publish any correspondence between tradespersons or other organisations

placing adverts in the Grapevine and their customers in the event of dispute

We do not endorse any articles, reports or suggestions in the Grapevine.

The Grapevine is Freeland's newsletter and is produced monthly for St Mary's Church, Freeland

The Editor is Jane Duff