Walkers Close - named after Frank Walker, a former Parish Councillor and Council Chairman who died in January 1965.  His daughter, Gwendoline Hill, lives in the Village.

Websters Close - named after Alfred and Gwendoline Webster who ran Freeland Gardens and did much for the Village and the Church.  Both were tragically killed in a road accident on 10th July 1974 when going on holiday. Of their two sons, Tim lives in the Village; Barrie died in 2011.

Busby Close - named after William (Bill) Busby who was a local farmer at Elm Farm.   He was a Parish Councillor for many years and Council Chairman.  He was also the Freeland Councillor for many years on the Witney Rural District Council, then from 1974 on the West Oxfordshire District Council.  He died in the 1980s.

Hurst Lane - named after Sidney Hurst who had owned the land on which the development was built in 1988.  His son, Garnet, lives in the Village.

Willoughby Fields - named after John Willoughby who was for many years the owner of the Village garage on the site of the development.  He died in September 1980.

The Dawes - named after Wing Commander David John (Dickie) Dawes who was a Councillor on West Oxfordshire District Council and on Oxfordshire County Council for many years until he died in March 2004. He was born in Manchester in 1935 and joined the RAF in 1952. He retired after 37 years, after commanding a bomber squadron, serving in the Far and Middle East and working for Nato.  His widow, Beryl, still lives in the Village.

Origins of Freeland Road Names

The origins of the names of some of the roads and developments in Freeland go back several centuries, such as Blenheim Lane which was presumably named after the nearby Blenheim Estate, or  Wroslyn Road which may be derived from the wrestling that went on in a “Wrosling House” (now called Roslyn) on the road in the 19th century.  In more recent years it has become traditional to name new roads and developments in Freeland after former notable residents of the Village. These include:  

Much of the information given above was supplied by John Peverel-Cooper. The photo of Frank Walker was provided by his daughter Gwendoline Hill, that of Alfred & Gwendoline Webster by Barrie Webster, Bill Busby by Julie Hurst, John Willoughby by his son Stephen Willoughby, Sidney Hurst by his son Garnet Hurst, and Dickie Dawes by Beryl Dawes.