Environmental Issues

This page is for discussion of our changing environment and how to

reduce our carbon footprint:

(1) United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA).

     (a) Should we be burning wood, gas or coal? (2014)

     (b) Solid wall insulation (2014)

     (c) Secondary Glazing (2014)

     (d) Refurbishing an older home (2015)

     (e) SuperHomes (2015)

     (f) Are you eligible for free energy-saving home improvements? (2016)

(g) Is heating your home adequately a struggle (2016)

This is a local not-for-profit organisation devoted to helping people reduce carbon, adapt to climate change, tackle fuel poverty and build community spirit. It manages both the Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network, and Cocoon Free which help homeowners and private renters to get free (or heavily discounted) cavity wall and loft insulation. Tel: 0800 107 00 44.  They offer free surveys for insulation, advice on heating, keeping warm, saving money on energy bills, grants, switching supplier, and other ways to cut bills.  

     (2) Ideas from WODC on energy efficiency

     (3) Ideas from Eynsham Online on Low Carbon Living