David Hollis (Painter, Decorator & General Maintenance) 3 Busby Close: 01993-886-903

Dawn French: Domestic Cleaning Services 01993-358-641 (Freeland resident).

Ever-Sun Gas services, Graham Everson (Fully Qualified Gas Service Engineer Gas Safe/ A.C.O.P.S Registered 8205) 2 Broadmarsh Lane, 01993-881-848 Mobile:07850-144-910

Freeland House  (Residential Care Home) Wroslyn Road: 01993-881-258 http://www.carehome.co.uk/carehome.cfm/searchazref/20001055FREA

Freeland Nurseries (Garden Centre) Wroslyn Road: 01993-881-430


George Opoku Nimfour Ltd (Instant Accounting and Admin Legal)

11 The Dawes, Witney Road, OX29 8HQ: 01993-359-259 /07931-828-714

Email: george.nimfour@gonimfour.com

Illustrate My Name (Personalized Baby & Children’s Gifts) Church View: 01993-882-276  http://www.illustratemyname.com/

Jim O’Sullivan (Painter & Decorator) 15 Pigeon House Lane: 01993-882-712

Kajsa Andersson (Counsellor in private practice, providing personal therapy for any type of problem or issue) 129 Broadmarsh Lane:07881-423-638.

K. Haggett  (Re-upholstery Service) 94 Wroslyn Road : 01993-883-064

Langfords Construction (Builder) 41 Wroslyn Road: 01993-881-794

Mike Gilbert Planning Ltd (A comprehensive Planning Service)

62 Broadmarsh Lane Freeland,  07974-294-463

Email: mg.planning@btinternet.com 

Nicola Ruddick mobile footcare (Essential foot maintenance, which can vary from cutting a pensioner’s toenails to treating a child’s verruca)

Busby Close, 07824 363601; Email:nicola@nicolaruddick.co.uk


Oxford Memorial Benches (Wooden Benches) 139 Wroslyn Road: 01993-881-464 http://www.oxmembench.co.uk/contacts.htm

Oxford Woodwind (Music Tuition) 19 Woodlands: 01993-883-379 www.oxfordwoodwind.co.uk

Oxfordshire Yeoman (Public House) 172 Wroslyn Road: 01993-881-003 https://www.oxfordshire-yeoman.co.uk               

Park Stables Freeland (DIY Livery Stables) mobile tel:07775-523-225; Email: info@parkstables.co.uk   http://www.parkstables.co.uk/

Shepherds Hall (Guest House) Witney road: 01993-881-256 http://www.shepherdshall.co.uk/

Steve Lay (Plumber) 20 Blenheim Lane : 01993-882-479

Stoppani Creative (Freelance Graphic/Web Design & Marketing Materials) Broadmarsh Lane;   tel: 01993 880-662

e-mail: mail@stoppanicreative.com ; website: www.stoppanicreative.com

The Coach House (Veterinary Clinic) Wroslyn Road: 01993-880-551            MJ Fyson BA, BA, VetMB, MRCVS email: coachhousevets@yahoo.co.uk

If any other Freeland Business wishes to be included on the list, please contact Peter Newell with the appropriate details using this Feedback form

Businesses in Freeland