Freeland Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month in the Newell Room at Freeland Hall.   There is no meeting in August.  

The Annual Meeting (at which the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected and membership of committees decided) is held before the ordinary meeting in May.

The Annual Parish Meeting is an open meeting with all members of the Village.  Its purpose is to discuss matters of general interest and to report on activities of the past year.  It is held in March or April on a date agreed by the Parish Council.

See: Parish Council Papers:

Parish Councillors: were elected in May 2012 and serve for four years (except for those co-opted during the four-year period).

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Clerk:  Lisa Smith,  tel: 01993-880-067

66 Broadmarsh Lane, Freeland, Witney, Oxon OX29 8QR


Parish Councillors:

Peter Newell


Robert Crocker


Mary Ann Canning

Peter Foster

Bill Phillips

Matthew Ruddle

Tim Webster

Lisa Smith


Jane Linnell